AD Sound Tools

AD Sound Tools is a real-time software that provides effective use of your PC sound devices. It includes a signal generator, a recorder, two oscilloscopes and two spectrum analyzers. The program allows to control your recording device in time and frequency domains, record a signal to WAV file and then convert it to MP3 one. AD Sound Tools can generate sine, white noise and short pulses signals and monitor them in separate waveform and spectrum windows. Connecting the generator and available sound devices you can get its frequency response by sine sweep, optionally white noise and short pulses. The data obtained can be saved as a Windows Bitmap and a text CSV-file. The program can be used in educational purposes. It allows you to perform some interesting tests with your sound devices including microphone localization and sound interference tests.

Key features
  Real time signal control in time and frequency domains
  Generated function: sine, white noise, short pulses
Recording to a WAV-file and converting to a MP3 one
Separate oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer for the generator and recording device
Frequency response evaluation by sine sweep, optionally white noise and short pulses generation
Sound interference test
  Microphone localization test
  Spectrum averaging function
Saving frequency spectrum data into a text CSV-file and as a Windows Bitmap

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