Audio Recorders
  AD Sound Recorder Easy to use recorder with a built-in file list, a player, and an ID3 Tag editor. You can verify every MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV or FLAC file on sample rate, bitrate and mode.
  AD Stream Recorder AD Stream Recorder is a small, user-friendly application that allows you to record any sound on your computer. It shows the changing of the sound amplitude in time. 
  AD Audio Recorder Record any signal from your sound card into WAV and MP3 format. It has the sound activated recording.
  Dual Audio Recorder Dual Audio Recorder allows you to record the temporary uncompressed file with high quality and an compressed one simultaneously. You can compare both records and set desired encoding setting, edit a record by amplifying, normalizing, fading in/out effects.

Audio Utilities
  AD Sound Analyzer Visualize Waveform, Spectrum and Spectrogram of a sound in real time.
  AD MP3 Cutter AD MP3 Cutter is a simple and handy tool for splitting MP3 files. It can automatically split a file by equal parts, equal time or by silence.
  TFD Scope It turns your computer with sound card into oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer and shows signals simultaneously in time and frequency domains (TFD).
  AD Sound Tools AD Sound Tools includes a signal generator, a recorder, two oscilloscopes and two spectrum analyzers. You can evaluate frequency response using sine sweep, white noise and short pulses. The program can be used in educational purposes.

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