Dual Audio Recorder

Dual Audio Recorder is all in one recorder, editor and player. It can save records into two files simultaneously. Saving is performed into the high quality uncompressed temporary file and into an audio one. It supports MP3, OGG, WMA, FLAC and WAV format. If you don’t sure what format settings you need or/and you want to edit a recorded sound this program for you. With Dual Audio Recorder you can play both files and select format settings that will satisfy you, select any portion of the temporary file and edit it by amplifying, normalizing, fading in/out. All editing operations are performed in real-time and practically do not require any time. Before recording you can select a recording device of your PC and using the peak real-time indicator adjust recording level to obtain strong signal without sound clipping. The program allows you to reduce undesirable DC Offset and apply fade in/out effects directly to initial recordings. Dual Audio Recorder has the file list with the recorded files and built-in player that displays peak level and spectrum of a played sound and shows main audio file properties.


File List and Player

Key Features:
Recording the temporary uncompressed file with high quality and an audio one simultaneously.
Reducing DC Offset and applying fade effects directly during recording (soft start and ending of recording)
Editing of the temporary file is performed practically instantly.
Showing the main audio file properties such as frequency, bit rate etc.
Real-time sound visualization while monitoring, recording and playback.
Sound clipping detection. The program detects and displays sound clipping events if the sound level is very high.
Playing the temporary and audio files.
Hot switching of the active (working) recording device.

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